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SpaceWays Does Your Self Storage.
Convenient Portable Storage from £3/month.

We deliver free storage boxes. 1

We deliver free storage boxes.

We deliver free storage boxes. 2

You just pack and gather large items.

We deliver free storage boxes. 3

We collect and store securely.

We deliver free storage boxes. 4

We return your items on demand.

Simple pricing

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SpaceWays Boxes

£4.90/ Month
What fits in a box?
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Bulky Items

£9/ Month
What are bulky items?

Looking for innovative storage to your door? Try SpaceWays.

So, you’ve decided you need more space. Maybe you’re even packed and have prepared all your belongings for storage. One thing you can be sure of is that you don’t want to be wasting time searching for public storage facilities hidden in the suburbs. And, even if you finally find some space, why stress yourself spending money and time hauling your belongings to a self-storage unit on the other side of town in the rain when you don’t have to? Some now offer to bring you entire storage containers or bins to your home. But what if you don’t need to fill an entire shipping container with your items? What if you aren’t interested in long term pricey and complicated contracts? What if you only need a few items returned and you don’t have time to fetch them? Well, there’s definitely no need to panic as...

Our revolutionary portable storage solution is here to help!

SpaceWays have come up with an innovative way to solve all your short and long-term storage needs. Simply order as many of our complimentary heavy duty boxes as you need and we’ll deliver them directly to your door free of charge. The boxes and any oversized items you may have are collected by our friendly professional drivers at a time that’s convenient for you and stored safely in our CCTV monitored warehouse. We can even wait while you pack your belongings so you can get your items into secure storage even faster. If you need any of your items returned simply select them for retrieval in your online inventory and we’ll bring them back to your doorstep within 24hrs! You’ll only pay for the space you actually use at affordable prices, insurance is included and you can declutter your life from the comfort of your sofa. So what are you waiting for?

How to get started:

Simply click on “Get started” and choose how many boxes/bulky items you would like to store. Choose a collection date and you're ready to start securely storing items in your new limitless closet!

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