Our Rules

Easy Storage. Extra Space. Extra Relax.

On-demand flexible Storage service.

At SpaceWays we offer flexible and convenient storage solution at affordable prices. There are only 5 basic rules that we ask you to follow:

1st Rule: There is no such thing as a silly question.

Our Customer Service team is on hand to answer any questions you may have no matter how simple or small. There’s no need to be shy: our Customer Service will be more than happy to help to make sure your order process is seamless and hassle-free.

2nd Rule: You pack. We store.

At SpaceWays, we take care of everything for you, except the packing. As you are the experts and know your beloved items better than we do, we’ll leave that up to you. This is the reason why we let you be in charge of packing your things as you see fit.

We respect your privacy, so to avoid any prying eyes delving into your boxes please ensure your items are properly packed for safe transportation to avoid unnecessary damages. This includes distributing the weight of heavier items evenly throughout the box and for more precious and fragile items, such as your grandmother’s favourite ornament that you just love (hate) or your favourite designer handbag, please make sure they are protected by appropriate packing materials like bubble wrap or Styrofoam. We assume no liability for especially fragile items such as light bulbs, glass sculptures or your Ming vase. Following these simple guidelines will safeguard your stuff and help us better look after the backs of our beloved SpaceMen (a.k.a delivery men).

3rd Rule: Don’t pack unauthorised items.

This is for sure the most important rule of all. Be aware that you cannot store any of the following;

  • No food, liquids or perishable items that will attract vermin or smell.
  • For all you Breaking Bad enthusiasts, no harmful, deadly or illegal items, including but not limited to, drugs, explosives, flammables, weapons or stolen property. We won’t be coming to visit you in jail.
  • No live creatures, insects or science experiments gone wrong.

4th Rule: Please let the SpaceMen decide.

We reserve the right to refuse to collect, store or deliver any items as we see fit. You are responsible for any breach of our terms and conditions and of the above rules. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, we’re a stickler for rules!

5th Rule: Pay on time.

At SpaceWays, we’re very understanding, that’s why we’ve built a service that focuses on the customer. We’ve made our storage prices affordable for everyone so there’s no need to skip a payment. If you do for whatever reason, it’s worth knowing that legally we have the right to hold on to your stuff and we can even sell it if payment is not made. You can of course be sure that before we do so we will make every effort to try to get in touch, but if you then don’t pay for 30 days we have to assume you no longer love us and don’t want your items back. We’re not good at breakups so please pay your bills.

Get in Touch

contact@spaceways.co.uk 020 3095 2035

Office Location

Kelly's Self Storage T/A Spaceways Storage Services Ltd Kelly's Storage Ltd. (Trading as Spaceways) Westfield Road Slyfield Industrial Estate Guildford Surrey GU1 1SB