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We deliver free storage boxes. 1

We deliver free storage boxes.

We deliver free storage boxes. 2

You just pack and gather large items.

We deliver free storage boxes. 3

We collect and store securely.

We deliver free storage boxes. 4

We return your items on demand.

Simple pricing

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SpaceWays Boxes

£4.90/ Month
What fits in a box?
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Bulky Items

£9/ Month
What are bulky items?

Stressed out by moving? Move the easy way with SpaceWays.

Planning for your move has always been a stressful time. Between finding a new place, looking for moving companies and filling out piles of paperwork, storage is usually the last thing on your mind. SpaceWays are here to help with a revolutionary stress-free method to make the transition to your new home as carefree as possible. Whether you’re an international student with a couple of bags or a high performing jetsetter who likes to relocate their loft from district to district, our solution will save you hours of looking for moving services which still can’t provide the level of service and flexibility that you are used to in all the other aspects of your life.

And, to top it all off, we’re sure you’ll save heaps of cash over traditional moving solutions.

Choose SpaceWays as your moving service and we’ll deliver as many of our complimentary heavy duty boxes to your door as you need completely free of charge. No more moving containers, bins or oversized trucks blocking your street and you’ll only be paying for the space you actually use! Once you are packed simply order a convenient pick up time and our friendly drivers will come and collect your boxes and oversized items and bring them to our secure storage facility. Now you’re free to move to your new property with just your essential items and can access your stored belongings from your online inventory. Simply choose the items you would like delivered to your relocated address and we’ll have them at your new home’s doorstep within 24hrs. This way your entire possessions aren’t simply dumped in a heap at your new place and you’re free to sort out your new interior design room by room at your convenience.

And, to top it all off, we’re sure you’ll save heaps of cash over traditional moving solutions.

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