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SpaceWays "is looking to transform the self-storage market" - Reuters

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  • "In effect, [SpaceWays] is looking to transform the self-storage market into an on-demand business more like package delivery with an online twist."

  • "Storage is never going to change the world, but doing it well will make people's live easier."

  • "SpaceWays (...) offers a flexible storage solution, allowing Londoners to save time and money while storing property in a safe and secure environment."

  • "Starting with London makes sense given that the exceptionally high price of property puts space at a premium there"

  • "Speed is on Rocket Internet’s side. The eight-week sprint that led to the debut of SpaceWays today is the fastest a Rocket-incubated company has ever gone from idea to launch."

  • "The [SpaceWays] launch comes on the back of the growing confidence of tech companies that aspire to make homebodies’ lives easier."


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Smart storage solutions don’t lie in the past.

We understand that space is at a premium. You simply cannot afford to let things that you aren’t using regularly to clog up valuable space at home. But traditional self-storage often throws up more problems than it solves. Nobody wants to waste their time hauling their stuff across London on public transport or expensive taxis to remote storage depots. It’s stressful and inefficient. Londoners need smart storage solutions that are suitable for a truly modern city.

Space is in boxes.

At SpaceWays, we have the dynamic, mobile storage solutions that you’re looking for. We’ve completely revolutionised the industry by offering smart storage to busy city-dwellers. Never again will you have to leave your home to store your items, we do everything for you at the click of a button. Nor do you have to worry about buying that really useful box you’ve always needed to store your items. We deliver as many robust, industry-standard boxes as you need right to your door then collect and store them for you. When you want your boxes back, just log in to your SpaceWays account and we’ll return them to you in 24 hours. It’s simple. Welcome to the next generation of smart storage solutions.

Don’t get left behind in the space race!

Join SpaceWays now! It takes five minutes to create your account - just click Get Started to take advantage of our smart storage solutions. If you have any problems when signing up or questions about our service, our customer service team is always here to help.

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