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How is it different to self-storage?


Storing your stuff can be stressful, but SpaceWays makes it much easier by removing the need to move your things to a self storage unit - we do it all for you. We also make storage cheap, because you store by-the-box rather than paying for a huge unit you will never fill.

Say goodbye to sorting through boxes in a dingy self-storage location in a shady part of town.

Start Storing

How much does it cost?


Storing with us is as affordable as it is convenient.

  • Free collection
  • £4.90/pm per box

Want to store something that might not fit in a box? Find out more about storing larger items here.

Find out more about redelivery here.

Free box delivery

Free collection

Hassle free

Insurance included

No need to go to a storage unit

1. Book

Book online and we'll deliver your boxes for free.

We come to you with strong, water resistant storage boxes.

2. Pack

Pack the boxes and let us take them away.

Save time, hassle and money by letting us do all the work.

3. Store

Your boxes are stored with us for as long as you need.

Our secure facilities ensure your belongings are in the safest of hands.

4. Deliver

Let us know when you want your stuff back.

We'll get it back to you in under 48 hours.

Why SpaceWays?

Our mission is to save you space, time and money.

London might just be one of the best cities on Earth, but with high-rent for flats the size of a cupboard, space is a lucrative commodity.

Whether you’re moving house, leaving University for the summer, or just want to declutter your flat, our hassle-free storage solution means you can save space without having to haul your gear to a self-storage warehouse.

Never visit a self-storage unit again. Simply book a time to receive our free, high-quality boxes for you to pack, then let us collect and store them in our secure warehouse, ready for redelivery when you are.

Make space for life