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Kids leaving the nest and having to downsize? New additions and need to make room? Whatever stage of life your family’s at, it can be difficult to manage your belongings and the space you have. If you’re moving to a smaller property after your children have left you will likely have lots of extra stuff, a lot of which you’ll want to keep. Likewise, when you have to convert your office into a child’s bedroom you will need somewhere to put all that office equipment that you don’t want to throw away.

Until recently, Self Storage had been the only solution. However, it is an incredibly inefficient way of making space. Journeys to a remote storage depot are a waste of time and, given London traffic, often stressful. Plus - if you have more than two or three boxes you will probably need to rent a van, making it also very expensive.

SpaceWays takes all the hassle out of storage by doing everything for you. We provide high-quality storage boxes which we collect from your doorstep and store in our secure warehouse. When you want them back, we can deliver them within 24 hours to any address in London. With SpaceWays, you save time, money, stress and, most importantly, space!

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