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SpaceWays "is looking to transform the self-storage market" - Reuters

Press Stories

  • "In effect, [SpaceWays] is looking to transform the self-storage market into an on-demand business more like package delivery with an online twist."

  • "Storage is never going to change the world, but doing it well will make people's live easier."

  • "SpaceWays (...) offers a flexible storage solution, allowing Londoners to save time and money while storing property in a safe and secure environment."

  • "Starting with London makes sense given that the exceptionally high price of property puts space at a premium there"

  • "Speed is on Rocket Internet’s side. The eight-week sprint that led to the debut of SpaceWays today is the fastest a Rocket-incubated company has ever gone from idea to launch."

  • "The [SpaceWays] launch comes on the back of the growing confidence of tech companies that aspire to make homebodies’ lives easier."


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If it’s self storage, it’s never easy.

The word self storage probably sends a chill down your spine. Flashbacks of colourless storage warehouses, replete with cold shoulders and gloomy looks. In fact, “easy storage” might seem like a contradiction in terms, a cruel joke. Or, more likely, just a meaningless marketing claim made by traditional self-storage companies. You can’t call hauling your stuff across London to a remote warehouse, “easy storage”. Nor is it convenient storage when you have to waste time trekking to pick up your skis before you head to the slopes.

Collect, store, deliver. Simple.

At SpaceWays we want to end this marketing farce and bring real meaning to the words “easy storage”. We take the “self” out of self-storage. Journeys into the dark underworld of self-storage warehouses are a thing of the past.

  • No more buying flimsy, cardboard boxes to store your stuff. We deliver boxes made of high-quality polymers right to your door. It’s eco-friendly and easy.
  • Thanks to the SpaceWays storage pick-up service, you will never have to leave your house to store your things. We collect the boxes and store them for you, and then return them to you whenever you wish at the click of a button. Now that’s easy storage.
  • And it gets better: you can choose when you want us to deliver your stuff so there’s no time wasted sitting around for delivery guys who never come. It’s truly convenient storage.

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