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Smart storage solutions don’t lie in the past.

Everyone wishes they had that magical walk-in wardrobe to fit all their clothes. Unfortunately, in London, it’s highly unlikely that dream will ever become a reality. As a result, you need to compromise. Why not store your off-season clothes to make space in your wardrobe? There’s no point having your big coats and boots lying around your flat in summer. And, likewise, why have your sandals and bikinis taking up space in winter?

However, using traditional self storage is not the answer. Lugging your stuff on the tube or bus to a remote warehouse is stressful and time-consuming and you’d probably decide it’s not worth it. But that’s where SpaceWays comes in. We can store all your off-season clothes easily, conveniently and affordably. With SpaceWays you never even have to leave your house to get your stuff stored. We deliver boxes for you to pack which we then collect and store in our secure warehouse. When the time comes and you want your stuff back, we can deliver the boxes back to your door within 24 hours.

SpaceWays a great way to make better use of your wardrobe space without the stress and hassle of using traditional self storage. Just click Get Started to sign up for SpaceWays - it only takes five minutes!

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